• There are roughly 16 weeks left until the school Summer holidays hit….

    Will you be going away?
    Do you feel beach ready? Swim suit ready? If you do that's fantastic.
    Feeling great about yourself makes you a lot less likely to starve yourself, obsess about food, binge and repeat.
    Our programme is different to most you'll have been to or heard about. We won't make you count calories, points or "sins" so you won't save them for bad choices.
    You won't feel hungry...in fact our members say they feel consistently satisfied throughout the day.
    You can change your life in a matter of weeks with the Zest4life plan.
    We have a course which starts on May 8th and will run for 10 weeks to get you ready for Summer!
    These 10 weeks are designed to make you focus on YOU and your health.
    What does the programme entail?
    The Zest4Life programme is based on the Low GL plan, which all about thriving on a balanced diet...so balanced in fact that you won't crave sugar, fat or a caffeine.
    There is a weekly 2 hour session which includes:
    - A weigh in, which is able to calculate changes in actual Fat mass, not just body weight
    - An educational health topic, presented by a qualified Nutritionist
    - Coaching to work through your specific situations
    - Loads of new ideas for foods/recipes, quick and easy options
    - A closed Facebook group to support you through the week
    - Expert exercise advice from our Qualified Personal Trainer.
    You will get recipes each week and menu plans to help make it easy and fit in with your life.
    An experienced Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist runs the groups and she is “on tap” and at your every need for those 10 weeks, helping you make the changes easy.
    Zest4life is designed to stop yo yo dieting and make changes for life.
    No pills, no shakes, no counting...just simple easy/healthy eating.