• How Zest4Life is Different from other "Weight Loss Programmes"

    April 25, 2017 | Zest4Life
  • How Zest4Life is Different from other "Weight Loss Programmes"

    If you’ve tried lot’s of different diets over the years and lost weight only to put it all back on again then please read on….

    There are 3 Zest4life programmes that run throughout the year. Each one is 10 weeks long. They are designed to break old habits and create new ones.

    It takes 3 weeks to change a habit, 6 weeks of conscious effort to stick to the new habit and 36 weeks to hard wire these new behaviours into your brain so it is not behaviour you have to think about, it is more something that you just do. A new way of life.

    Each weekly session is 2 hours long and will be run by a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach. There is no queuing for ages to be weighed in, due to the small number of people in the group (maximum of 25).

    During the weekly session there will be an educational health topic, a coaching session and time spent discussing new ideas and various topics on the eating plan itself.

    The Educational Health Topic

    This can be anything from heart health to cravings and emotional eating. This topic is to widen the individual's knowledge of how their body ticks and to give people more than just a weight loss class. People are actually learning all about their health. The topics covered in the May course can be found on our website.

    The Coaching Session

    This is the work we do on the mindset change. Without this it is hard to succeed. It is all very well knowing how a diet plan works but what happens when life gets in the way? What happens when there is stress thrown in the mix, or tiredness or boredom?? Very often we turn to food as our comfort. The coaching session each week is all about working on changing these old habits and creating new ones. During the coaching we look at life as a whole, not just what you are eating. Enabling you to get a better life balance can have a profound impact on your success and ability to reach your goals.

    Then There is The Plan Itself

    This is explained in great depth and each week we revise and go over new ideas/recipes and menu planners. The low GL plan is easy, flexible and better still there is no need to count anything. It is all about eating good old fashioned healthy food, in the right amounts and combinations.

    Great plan + great coaching = success.

    Facebook Group

    In between meetings a closed Facebook group means your Nutritional Therapist is basically “on tap”. Members ask questions, discuss challenges and post pics of the meals theyre about to eat. Imagine being able to see what your coach is eating and having the recipes on demand to try yourself. The Facebook group has been a massive support to our members over the last programme as they are all in it together and all there to pick up anyone who is struggling.

    Weekly Food Diaries

    People can keep a Zest4life food diary and hand it in each week for our Nutritional Therapist to review. She will message you individually to review the food diary and let you know if there is anything you did right or could do better etc...this is great for accountability!

    So Zest4life is really a completely different group and we believe it is nothing like what you have tried already. This is a plan for life, that fits in with life and stays with you for life. There are no foods that are barred because telling yourself you can’t have something will only lead to you wanting it even more. You are better off eating healthy 80% of the time and allowing for those blips along the way. Life is all about food and being social and not feeling deprived or obsessed with “dieting”