• Volunteers Needed for Diet Trial in Cheltenham!!

    Have you lost weight in the past, only to put it all back on again?

    Are you burned out, stressed out, exhausted and over-weight?

    You don't have to feel this way...

    We have a limited number of places for Cheltenham residents who are ready to make a life change and support others in the process.

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  • Diet Trial Includes:

    • Zest 4Life Programme delivered by a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach
    • Different weekly topics all about health 
    • You'll benefit from a supportive community of like-minded individuals in the Secret Facebook Group
    • Weekly meetings 
    • Health Coaching process is used to be certain you never look back and keep the weight off


  • Would you like to...

    ● Lose weight and keep it off for life?

    ● Have more energy than you ever thought was possible?

    ● Learn how your body works and how to fuel it properly?

    No shakes, no pills, no pre-packed meals, just really great simple healthy food!

    Better Health Nutritional Therapy has teamed up with Patrick Holford to bring you a Low GL eating plan combined with motivational weight loss coaching that really works!

    Call our Nutritional Therapist to learn more on 07765869670

  • What are the Benefits?

    ● You will understand the science behind weight loss through an education process delivered by a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Coach

    ● Group support at a weekly meeting and via Facebook, making new friends along the way

    ● Discover YOUR barriers and learn how to overcome them

    ● Gain other great health benefits from being on the plan!

    People notice their skin feels/looks better, their moods improve and they have more vitality than they have done for years!

    There is no looking back! This is your one​ way ticket to a new you, Say goodbye to yo yo dieting and do something that is easy and sustainable for life....sign up now for the free 4 week diet trial starting in January, spaces are limited! 

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