Healthy Foods which Taste Great

As a mother of two, running her own business and striving for improvements in physical fitness, I know how hard it is to prepare meals which are tasty, quick to prepare and healthy. 

Like many clients I also have food intolerances which steal my energy if not addressed. I live  gluten free and with bare minimum dairy products, but have found loads of great meals and snacks which fit the bill. 

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Group Nutrition Programmes

You can gain professional guidance with the support of other like minded people through our online Nutrition Programmes. 


Programme Guidelines with Recipes  

Download the programme document which is broken down into Breakfasts, Lunch, Dinner and Snack Recipes so you can follow the recipes while you prepare meals. 


Unlimited Nutritionist Guidance   

Imagine having access to your private nutrition coach whenever questions come up about your use of the programme. 


Closed Facebook Group with Member Support   

Friendships develop through our groups as members share images and review the recipes they've served up. Members support one another's progress and celebrate the wins. 

Eat to Run: Spring Edition Interest

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