New Year Healthier You!

Make It Last With My New Year Diet Plan


How My New Year Healthy Diet Plan Can Really Stick:

  • Gain knowledge and insight into what food is right for you and your goals.
  • Get education on what individual foods do to your body from a qualified nutritionist.
  • Share your tips and advice with other members of the diet plan in closed Facebook Group.
  • Discover a range of recipes that are quick and easy to make, affordable and satisfy cravings.
  • Find the diet plan easy to stick to in a recipe book that can be adapted to taste preferences and allergies.
  • Understand how to restore energy levels, boost your immune system and reset your metabolism.
  • Lose weight within a diet that is flexible and still allows you to have those sweet treats, smoothies and snacks!

You’ll be more likely to stick to this diet plan than any other year before as I’ll provide you with 1-2-1 guidance and organise shopping lists for you so it becomes an easy, healthy habit.


Hi, I'm Georgina Graham.

The 3 Week Plan we will encourage you to get ahead of the game by planning your shopping before hand, in addition to having consultations with me to make your goals more achievable. We'' discuss other aspects of your life so you can make the mst of the plan and fit it around your exercise and work routine. This plan makes sure you are at the heart of the outcome by being personal and effective!

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Pick Up Healthy Habits Like Some of Our Other Participants:

Lost 7 pounds and still leaning up beyond the programme!

It was full of simple recipes that encouraged me to start cooking again. It helped me understand how to eat balanced meals that also ensured I got my five a day every day.

I lost about 7 pounds in weight and I am able to maintain that. Today I am a stone lighter than when I started the plan.

Jon Owen

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