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  • Our Process for How to Lose Weight

    get fit to improve your metabolic rate

    It takes more than a great weight loss plan to achieve successful and healthy improvements in your body composition. 

    If your body is fighting inflammatory foods or excessive stress then it's not going to be comfortable shedding it's precious energy stores. We'll run through your current diet and yet to the bottom of what could be preventing your body from letting go of excess weight. 

    If any foods need to be removed then we'll help you find replacements for the lost nutrients and ensure you know how to make those foods taste good. 

    Getting Active

    We'll then help you look at ways to increase your metabolism through physical activity and suggest further dietary changes to fuel the increased physical demands. 

    Exercise can help you burn calories as well as improve the rate your body burns fat while you rest. 

    As a triathlete, I usually suggest learning to run, cycle and/or swim but a lot can be achieved with a safe and progressive walking or gym programme.